134 Croydon Road Apartments

A modern new residential development completed in March 2012 now benefits from the striking aesthetical features of the Colt Sun Shelf System. The Colt Sun Shelf helps to protect the glazed areas from the sun and the solar glare yet adds a strong and modern appearance to any building.

Over 20 new residential town house apartments have been completed by builders Harris HMC in the beautiful town of Croydon, situated just North East of Melbourne city.

Sun Shelf solar shading system Striking architectural feature Solar shading protection with reduced solar glare

Colt installed its aluminium Sun Shelf solar shading system onto bespoke vertical outriggers on all four elevations of the buildings. The Sun Shelf consisted 200mm by 50mm natural anodised square ended louvres (ellipsoid end profiles also available) providing a total projection of 300mm from the building. Installed as a striking architectural feature around the apartments, as well as to above the windows and balcony areas, providing solar shading protection with reduced solar glare.

The Colt Sun Shelf is a fixed solar shading system designed to prevent solar heat gain and solar glare by using a simple external boxed shelf system. It offers crisp, clean lines which can be installed either horizontally or vertically depending on the desired look and application.

Project details
  • Location: Croydon, Melbourne
  • Architect: Mills Gorman Architects
  • Builder: Harris HMC
Products used
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