Claremont Quarter, WA

Colt was awarded the contract to provide both natural ventilation for the upper parts of the car park and induction fans for the underground sections, as well as adjustable sliding balcony screening to the residential elements of the project.

Adjustable sliding balcony screening Cyclone induction units Natural ventilation for the upper parts of the car park

Prior to the award, Colt assisted the design Consultant with all aspects of the design including assisting with the CFD.

This was Colt's first car park ventilation project in Australia using Cyclone induction units. The advantages of using such units are that excavation costs are lower, the units are easier and quicker to install, and they require lower maintenance than traditional ducted systems.

Project details
  • Location: Claremont, WA
  • Architect: Aames Christou + Partners Architects and Hassell Architects
  • Main Contractor: Multiplex Constructions
  • M&E Contractor: CMS Engineering
Products used
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