L'Oreal Distribution Centre, Victoria

High bay racking is particularly dangerous when a fire breaks out. Fire can travel up the racking at great speed, causing possible collapse, which inadvertently causes accelerated spread of fire and makes it very dangerous for the fire service to tackle the fire at source. This results in a high risk of roof collapse, potential loss of stock, loss of building and eventually loss of market share.

Colt has designed and installed 27 Colt Seefire Natural Louvred pneumatic controlled ventilations that can be opened in groups of four, within two compartmented smoke zones by the fire service. In addition to this, each ventilator has an automatic failsafe system whereby the vents automatically open on detection of excessive heat or flames.

Ventilators installed on the roof at L'Oreal Distribution Centre High bay racking Controls at L'Oreal Distribution Centre

Smoke from the fire is the biggest problem within buildings. Just 3 deep breaths of intoxicating smoke can incapacitate a human, eventually resulting in death. In addition to this, the smoke filled building makes it difficult for the fire service to enter the affective area and tackle the fire at source.

By accessing an external Colt control panel, the fire service has complete control the operation of the ventilators, releasing toxic smoke and hot gases from the building thus making it safer to enter and tackle the fire at source. The occupants also have a clearer passage to emergency exits.

By segmenting the building into four separate smoke zones, extraction of smoke is contained in one area, whilst the remaining clear zones provide air inlet to enable rapid and effective smoke extraction.

Colt ventilators also offer the benefit of being used for day to day ventilation during hot stuffy days and, due to their polycarbonate louvres, allow natural light entry into the warehouse even when the ventilators are in the closed position.

AS 1851-2005

Regular service and maintenance of smoke control systems is stipulated within the Australian Building Codes of Practice. AS 1851-Inspection, Preventive Maintenance and Records Schedule – Fire and Smoke Control features of HVAC systems – Automatic Smoke and Heat Vents, require a six monthly and yearly inspection for all smoke control equipment. Colt International's service division will maintain the system, ensuring it will work when needed. On completion of an annual routine equipment inspection, a Smoke Control Equipment Compliance Certificate is issued if deemed in good operational order.

Colt engineers providing an annual inspection as part of AS 1851.

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  • Location: South Dandenong, Victoria
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