New Age Caravans

The client approached Colt after experiencing overheating conditions on the factory shop floor. The issues were seen on the assembly floor, where the Caravans are built. 4 powered extract units had been previously installed but rarely used due to excessive running costs and ineffective cooling.

Ample inlet air was provided by means of open roller shutter doors but there was heat build-up from internal sources and also solar gain through translucent panels within the roof and the roof cladding.

The system has been so designed that permanent passive ventilation is provided by the Colt RVH sloping vents. When passive ventilation cannot relieve extreme overheating alone, Coolstream units operate to reduce the internal temperature. After installation of the scheme, the client commented on the noticeable difference in temperature.

Project details
  • Location: Epping, Victoria
  • Client: New Age Caravans    
Products used
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