Ridge Vent RVM

RVM provides continuous extract ventilation for most kinds of industrial buildings, providing high volume weathered ventilation. It can be mounted either at ridge or down slope.

Where a controllable “tulip” style vent is needed, we recommend the Colt Ridge Vent HC. Where a low profile vent is required, we recommend the Colt Labyrinth.

Features and benefits

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Efficient - RVM is efficient in operation and provides continuous ventilation in all weather.

The ventilator is not affected by the direction or velocity of the wind - in fact its performance will increase in higher wind conditions.

Weather resistant – The ventilator’s design will not allow water entry into the building at any wind velocity.

Various fixing options - RVM can be installed onto most kinds of roofs, either at the peak, down slope or on a flat roof. It is compact, so it requires a small area of roof to be cut out.

Easy to install - RVM is delivered to site in breakdown form for easy local assembly.

Durable - RVM is manufactured from tough, corrosion-resistant materials.

Low in maintenance – RVM requires no maintenance.

Design service - Colt provides a pre-order design service. Please contact Colt for more information relating to the application, specification, installation or servicing of Ridge Vent RVM.

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